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Oct 2021

Pro Wrasslin’ Reflection (PWR) Episode 144: WCW HALLOWEEN HAVOK 1993!

Its October Reflectionites and Ghouls of the PWR goes back in the time machine! This week we will give you either a TRICK or a TREAT??? It's WCW Halloween Havoc 1993 and the PWR Boys delve into this PPV classic! They ponder why WCW didn't (at least in 93) overtake WWE with a roster that they had during that year. Was it a Texas death match or a lights out match? The Professor and TW try to answer that question between Vader and Cactus Jack.... Sit back and relax your earholes as we reflect on this ghoulish wrestling show!!!

Oct 2021


The boys from the PWC! Jimmy T and Chris Ambs! Are back once again! Only this time they are joined by that loco Mexican from east la! The one and only Homeboy88 from the show that is his name! Breakdown aew’s Dynamite! The boys also agree to disagree on why jimmy t put ultimate warrior in his mt Rushmore of wrestling! But wait there’s more! We have hulk hogan joining us once again! I’m an all new edition of “That don’t work for me BROTHER” also ric flair makes a special guest appearance! And Chris blows a gasket on the air! 😱 LAUGHS Are for sure to be had in an all new episode of the PWC WEDNESDAY NIGHT SKIRMISH! Right here on the hitting the marks podcast network! The pwhustle podcast network! And on the pwc network! 

Oct 2021

Pro Wrasslin’ Reflection (PWR) Episode 143: ECW TV SEPTEMBER 19,1995!

Kane Dewey!!! Two words that live in infamy in the history of wrestling promos. The PWR is back going episodic with the Professor's "fav" promotion.... ECW! ECW!!! ECW!!!!! We journey back to 1995 and look at a pivotal episode of this renegade company. On that episode ECW knew how to use the forbidden door and take it to the "EXTREME"! The "boyz" discuss the importance of Mick Foley's promo and how it injected realism in wrestling!!!! We take a look at the Dreamer-Raven feud and how it helped other wrestlers in ECW! We delve into the Pitbull's last chance opportunity for tag gold against Raven and Stevie Richards!!!! Please sit back and relax as TW becomes more extreme after this episode!!!

Oct 2021

Pro Wrasslin’ Reflection (PWR) Episode 142: SMOKY MOUNTAIN WRESTLING 10/1/94!

The Pro Wrasslin' Refection is back going episodic and we pay tribute to an organization that pride itself on RASSLIN'.... Smokey Mountain Wrestling from the brainchild of iconic manager Jim Cornette!!! The PWR Boys relive an episode from 1994 and the big tag feud in Smokey Mountain was the Gangstas and the Rock n' Roll Express! Listen as the PWR boys take you on a ride on the "RASSLIN' NOSTALGIC TRAIN"!!!

Oct 2021

PWC Wednesday Night Skirmish Episdoe 38 - October 1, 2021!

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!? Join Jimmy T and Chris Ambs in an all new edition of the PWC Wednesday Night Skirmish! Right here on the hitting the marks podcast network! And on the PWC Network! As well as the PWHUSTLE Network! As the boys from the PWC review AEW’s Wednesday Night Dynamite! Is Cody Rhodes an ego maniac? Is Adam Cole bay bay more over than cm punk? Is Bryan Danielson really that good on the mic? Find out right here on the flagship show of the PWC! the Wednesday night Skirmish!

Sep 2021

PWR Podcast Presents: PRO WRESTLING’S GREATEST RIVALRIES EPISODE 9 - Bruno Sammartino vs. Larry Zbyszko!

PWR Podcast proudly presents GREATEST RIVALRIES with the battle of the Living Legends!... Bruno Sammartino vs Larry Zybszko! this rivalry is underrated for a number of reasons and one major reasons was that this rivalry established Larry Zybszko as wrestling one of the greatest hells in pro wrestling after his attack on Bruno! What was born as a teacher vs student exhibition turned into a bloody feud that culminated in their infamous showdown at the Shea Stadium special! This battle took place August 9th 1980. The PWR boys breakdown how this surprising storytelling during their feud in the WWWF was exciting, shocking and a must-see during a time when most of storylines in the World Wide Wrestling Federation when most good story lines were perpetually in the Southern territories at this time. We would love you to sit back, relax as you're strapped in to the time machine for ride! Enjoy the nostalgic journey!!!!!

Sep 2021

PWC Wednesday Night Skirmish Episdoe 36 September 16, 2021!

On tonight’s episode of the PWC Wednesday Night Skirmish! Chris Ambs (like bullshit in the morning) is back in the drivers seat! As he joins Jimmy T as the boys breakdown AEW’s Dynamite! So sit back, relax and get a cup of joe! As the boys From the PWC bring you an all new edition of the skirmish!

Sep 2021


The boys from the PWR go back to the movies where we relive our childhood re-watching Hulk Hogan's Rock n' Wrestling from 1985! Get your sugary cereal and relive all the chicanery that Hulk, JYD, Tito, Superfly and Capt. Luo Albano get into! Don't forget the bad guys with Piper, The Iron Sheik, Big John Studd and all the rest of the dastardly villains!  You always knew you would learn a valuable lesson each and every Saturday morning! So please sit back and relax, jump in the ol'  time machine for this cartoon classic!
Sep 2021

PWC WEDNESDAY NIGHT SKIRMISH LIVE! Episode: 35 Feat - Chabelo Vera Cruz!

The PWHustle family would like to welcome Jimmy T and the PWC Network to out family of Networks! Tune in every Thursday for a brand new episode right here! 
On tonight’s episode of the PWC Wednesday Night Skirmish right here on the PWHustle, HTM, PWC Networks! It’s the fall out from all out as "Jimmy T" is joined by the PWHustle’s own.... The GLORIOUS ONE! “The Professor” Chabelo Vera Cruz! As the boys both give their thoughts on this past Wednesday Night's AEW Dynamite! Also Hulk Hogan makes another appearance on the skirmish! Tim "aka" Tuddles calls in to give his thoughts on Roman Reigns! This is the PWC AND THIS IS THE SKIRMISH! AAAAND WE ARE NOW ON THE PW HUSTLE NETWORKS! 

Sep 2021

Destino: A New Japan Pro Wrestling Podcast ”House Of Torture - Wrestle Grand Slam”

This weeks Grand Slam edition of Destino: A New Japan Pro Wrestling Podcast features @NotJargo sitting down with The Vet @opinionhaver to talk Wrestle Grand Slam from the MetLife Dome. Also featured on this weeks edition a Stardom 5 Star Grand Prix update!
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